Anti Graffiti Film to save you money

3M Anti Graffiti Window Film from PARAGON is designed to protect glass from vandalism such as paint, marker, and etching damage. With the repair bill for graffiti vandalism estimated at $100 million in NSW alone, 3M anti graffiti window film is a smart low-cost solution to reduce vandalism and combat this increasing problem.

This optically clear, distortion-free anti-graffiti window film can be applied to windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces. In addition to resisting damage from vandals, these films also offer other benefits such as blocking 99% of damaging UV rays and also provide an anti-spall solution in the event of glass breakage.

PARAGON 3M Anti Graffiti Film

PARAGON 3M Anti Graffiti Film

3M Anti Graffiti Window Film Product features

  • Protects windows, mirrors and other glass by taking the brunt of the damage from graffiti and vandalism.
  • Paint, markings and stains can easily be removed without harsh chemicals.
  • Film damaged by etching or scratching can easily be replaced with fresh film at a fraction of the glass replacement cost.
  • Eliminates messy and expensive cleanups.
  • In the event of glass breakage, the window is held together providing an anti-spall safety solution.

PARAGON can assist you with;

  • product advise and technical specification.
  • cost estimates, site inspections and quotations.
  • timely installation within deadlines through to complete project management.
  • after-sales service

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